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“To the East” expedition – Zyryanka

The expedition has successfully got to the Zyryanka Settlement. After some rest they serviced the vehicles and got ready for another push across the unpassable Kolyma.

  • The road to the civilization was not any special. A usual winter road that we were following was swamped, steep stream shores, cold water in the rivers ran fast. The direction was good, it was wide and we could see well ahead. But that is no surprise, because this is the main winter road of Chukotka that is used to transport good and produce. We were told how it looks from January to April and it was hard to believe that here can be good, clean road that can easily be used by normal cars.

  • However it is still September. Passing over marshy surface we were following along the river Sibik. Suddenty it became drier and easier to drive. The winter road turned south and soon we crossed the Zyryanka River. Soon we saw Ugolniy settlement. We passed it quickly. It is abandoned, no coal mining is conducted any more. There are a hundred or so citizens. However, there is a start of an unpaved road that took us quickly to Zyryanka. Oleg Olegovich Mihailov greeted us and took us to the base. Long waited evening of rest finally arrived. We took shower and slept well.

  • Zyryanka is a big settlement situated at the joining of the Yasachnaya and the Kolyma. There are nearly two thousand citizens. And overall in the region there are over three and half thousand citizens. The buildings are mainly two-storey or more. Those that were built earlier are wooden and the contemporary are made of slag block and bricks. Today we witnessed how a new four-storey building has been given into the exploitation. This is part of the program of relocating people from old houses into the new ones. Newly built houses can be seen everywhere and they look really good with their bright and sleek appearance. The village is quite compact and everything is based in a matter of footsteps. Sberbank, the post office, the administration are really near. By the way, there is a museum of local lore in the building of the administration.

  • As I mentioned earlier, the Zyryanka settlement is rather big – two thousand people. Citizens of large cities aren’t going to be impressed by this number, but here there is a different understanding of the numbers. These parts don’t like big crowds. The most important thing is that everyone has enough space and the nature doesn’t feel a tough impact of civilization on itself. So this number of two – three thousand is a normal, fully functional settlement with its own infrastructure, social services, public utilities and other attributes.

  • However let’s do our favorite and go through the cultural parts. Although as usual we haven’t got much free time, but we spend two hours to get acquainted with Zyryanka. The streets are arranged logically and it is enough to go there once to understand and then go back and forth. Quite often there are notice boards on the buildings alongside with house numbers and names of the streets. From them you can learn who this street is dedicated to or who had previously lived there. Here are quite rare stellas and memorials. Near the library, for example, we saw a memorial of Tolstoy Lev Nikolaevich. He sits there and thoughtfully looks at the joining of the Yasachnaya and Kolyma. At a square we saw a full size Lenin’s memorial. There is also a venue for different events. The oldest buildings here were made during thirties of the twentieth century when there was an active stage of Kolymskiy region development with help of the prisoners’ labor.  There is a memorial cross dedicated to the repressed victims. It is situated near the administration. I have mentioned the local lore museum. Every exposition in it is like a golden grain in the huge pile of information about this land. Basically if you want to learn more about a place you are visiting – don’t be lazy and go around, walk, look into the smallest corners, talk to people and you will be rewarded.

  • We are back on the road again. Thank you welcoming Zyryanka. We rested here well, sorted our business, serviced our vehicles. We changed oils and filters, which is necessary by the rules if we want our vehicles to work well and long.

  • Before we left Zyryanka, we came to the building of the administration where we met the head Leonid Alexandrovich. He wished us to have a safe and sound trip.

  • After two kilometers on the unpaved road the ATVs turned onto the winter road. The surface is quite complicated, very swampy. If not for our previous experience of movement in such terrain and Kolsk Peninsula, we would be experiencing serous difficulties. But Sherps won’t let us down. They move along the squashy track and bending down grass surface. The main thing is to navigate it smartly, then the machines will do the rest.


The organizers and participants of the expedition thank their partners and sponsors:

The company Ravenol, the main technical partner

Iridium Russia, thanks to them the team will always be connected. The equipment for the data transfer was made available by the companies “Satellite mobile technologies” and “Iridium 360”

Product sponsor for the expedition – the company X5 Retail Group, managing brands “Pyaterochka”, ‘Perekrestok” and “Karusel” for the support of the idea of moving to the east

Technical partner Paptor U-Pol

Garmin Russia – for the navigation and action cameras Garmin Virb

Webasto – technical partner and sponsor of the expedition

Company “Dinakor – strength technologies” and brand Kubota

Company DJI alongside the – the provider of quadcopters for the video shooting from the air

4×4 Club and brand Warn

Zinc – navigation programs for all terrain and expeditions. It helps us stay the course!

“Medical technologies of survival” for the organization of the medical part of the expedition and the expedition’s medical kits

KB “Radar”, transport company “Promit” for the help in transportation of the cargo to the East

Transport company “Promit” for help with package deliveries

Informational partners of the expedition:

National Geographic Russia, Popular mechanic, Men’s Health,,,



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