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“To the East!” expedition – 8-9 July

The expedition “To the East” is continuing its way learning all the wisdoms of the wild way of living. Vladimir Shilnikov keeps making us happy with his reports, describing almost every day of the way and keeping the track of our trip.


  • All day yesterday we spent moving. We passed over fifty kilometers. There weren’t many events, but some things deserve to be mentioned. On Khekchekin-Sane river we met a large icing three meters high. By the way it is marked on the map, which means this ice is all year round It is a beautiful sighting. An ice field stretching from coast to coast is cut with cracks and streams.



  • The road on the map changed its course to the north-east. In reality it isn’t there but we keep along its direction anyway. The forest is sparse and can easily be seen through,

    so we are moving without troubles. Suddenly we find an ATV track that slowly goes to the ATV winter road. If it wasn’t for it we would spend a long time moving by the azimuth.


  • We pass another watershed and our winter road goes along another river. Chuostakh-Uryakh slowly picks up strength and stream power and during the crossing we fall into water. Last three kilometers we spent floating. From time to time we go on the shallows to avoid rapids or other hard spots, because water inflow strengthened after the night rainfall. Not far from the joining place with a bigger river Chagada we made a camp on the closest shallow.



  • Today is a day of rest. We are servicing our vehicles, wash our clothes. We tried fishing, but it isn’t season yet. The catch isn’t big – two whitefish and one grayling. But it’s enough for a fish soup.



  • The mosquitoes appeared. Before this moment they were present near Kureika and the Plateau, but right now their number is multiplying fast. Wind and repellents save us. Also the habit helps – the less you pay attention the less they bother you.


The expedition is continuing.

The organizers and participants of the expedition thank their partners and sponsors:

The company Ravenol, the main technical partner.

Iridium Russia, thanks to them the team will always be connected. The equipment for the data transfer was made available by the companies “Satellite mobile technologies” and “Iridium 360”.

Product sponsor for the expedition – the company X5 Retail Group, managing brands “Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel” for the support of the idea of moving to the east.

Technical partner Paptor U-Pol.

Garmin Russia – for the navigation and action cameras Garmin Virb.

Webasto – technical partner and sponsor of the expedition.

Company “Dinakor – strength technologies” and brand Kubota.

Company DJI alongside the – the provider of quadcopters for the video shooting from the air.

4×4 Club and brand Warn.

“Medical technologies of survival” for the organization of the medical part of the expedition and the expedition’s medical kits.

KB “Radar”.

Transport company “Promit” for the help in transportation of the cargo to the East.

Informational partners of the expedition:

National Geographic Russia, Popular mechanic, Men’s Health,,,


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