All-terrain vehicles SHERP


The expedition is picking up the pace and the team has caught up with schedule. The ATVs passed a little over 60 kilometers on the 20th of April. The overall territory that has been passed is 122 kilometers. The participants left their work places only late in the evening, regardless from the fact that they left really early in the morning. They sent us a little report at night.

  • Hooray! We finally hit the qualifying standard. Vladimir Shilnikov shared with us. We passed 60km, and that is what we set as a daily target. We were heading towards an abandoned village called Kepino, using the old Mezen roads. The roads here are typical for the North – one side for the automobiles and the other is for snowmobiles. Sometimes they cross, but not for long, and then later they split again, as if following the non-written rule.

  • This day was marked with small but interesting meetings. We met a few snowmobile drivers and one all-terrain vehicle. Those were the fishermen coming back from a river and a lake. Every time they stopped because they were really interested in our ATVs. They said that saw Sherp a few times in the Internet, however so close and in real life this was indeed the first opportunity. Before they left they took photos and we exchanged handshakes. Then everyone went their own way. They headed home and we – to the east.

  • The navigator is drawing a thread line of the road among the high rising trees and swamps, which are now covered with snow. And if we didn’t have a detailed map on a bright screen, then we’d never guess what in fact was that straight area on the left; whether it was a lake or a swamp, or just a field.

  • For the first time we have met a first more or less big water obstacle. River Kepina has already shown its surface through the melting ice. Here we tested the ten-wheel  ATV for the floating ability for the first time. I must say we were really worried because the conditions for the first floating were rather harsh. The stream was really fast, and the riverbank was high and covered with snow. However the ATV under the control from Alexey Garagashyan crossed the river really confidently and using its abilities easily landed on the riverbank. What can I say, happy first baptism by fire.

The expedition “To the East” is continuing its way…..

The organizers and participants of the expedition thank their partners and sponsors:

The company Ravenol, the main technical partner

Iridium Russia, thanks to them the team will always be connected. The equipment for the data transfer was made available by the companies “Satellite mobile technologies” and “Iridium 360”

Product sponsor for the expedition – the company X5 Retail Group, managing brands “Pyaterochka”, ‘Perekrestok” and “Karusel” for the support of the idea of moving to the east

Technical partner Paptor U-Pol

Garmin Russia – for the navigation and action cameras Garmin Virb

Webasto – technical partner and sponsor of the expedition

Company “Dinakor – strength technologies” and brand Kubota

Company DJI alongside the – the provider of quadcopters for the video shooting from the air

4×4 Club and brand Warn

“Medical technologies of survival” for the organization of the medical part of the expedition and the expedition’s medical kits

KB “Radar”, transport company “Promit” for the help in transportation of the cargo to the East

Informational partners of the expedition:

National Geographic Russia, Popular mechanic, Men’s Health,,,

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