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“To the East” expedition – A little about our navigation

The expedition is not only the overcoming of the way and oneself, but it is also a titanic work of almost a hundred devices and gadgets, which have to endure the hardest conditions of use every day. Today we will tell you about our Garmin GPSmap 276CX navigators

  • A walk to a waterfall, fishing, pedestrian scouting, going up the mountains, following a route… What joins them all? The expedition – correct. Plutorana Plateau crossing – also correct. Roadless adventures – absolutely right. But apart from all that – it is also a precise navigation. During all these events we had navigator in our hands. And to be precise we ve got GARMIN GPSmap 276CX.

  • This is a contemporary navigator with a big bright screen. The screen size is five inches, that allows to open a big and detailed map fragment. Apart from that, you can place additional information of your choice on that screen, such as current time, mileage, direction by the azimuth etc. When going for a walk or on a pedestrian scouting, where there is no electricity, the navigator can work from the inner accumulator or elements type AAA. Therefore the power supply is only limited by the number of batteries you have with you.

  • I remembered about fishing purposefully. Amongst the settings and other info in the navigator’s menu, you can find information about the best time for fishing in a certain place. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee success in a “silent hunt”, but it gives you some insurance.

  • By the way, there is one more useful quality of the navigators Garmin GPSmap 276CX that makes them irreplaceable – full water and dirt proof. Whatever happens the navigator will keep working. You just pick it up, wipe the screen and off you go. The buttons are also very comfortable to use. It is a real pity that the screen is not sensor. It is the twenty first century. However, the total value of all navigator qualities  is such that we find it one of the most successful and useful device in our expedition.

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