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Let’s have the expedition with maximum benefits!

Industrial and military nuclear explosions took place in many part of our planet. Till now it has been considered that the most dangerous and heavy radioactive isotopes cannot be moved in the explosion cloud to a big distance because of their weight. In our expedition we decided to check that. On our route we ll be testing plants and ground for the contamination with Americium-241. The concentration of this very toxic and mobile isotope actively grows in the period from 30 to 70 years after the contamination.  This will be accomplished with help of special equipment that was given to us by NPP KB Radar.


Radar – the Construction bureau

We will use a pocket complex – scintillation Bluetooth detector of radiation Atom Fast 77100 – for constant gamma-shooting of the radioactive background. Every two seconds the tablet maps will have a new pinpoint of the radioactive activity.


The analysis of the samples to test the amount of the radioactive isotopes will be made with a compact scintillation gamma-spectrum meter Atom Spectra.


For danger notification and radioactive investigation we will use the pocket dosimeter complexes.

Scintillation Bluetooth dosimeter Atom Fast 77100 (scintillation detector – a crystal of cesium iodide activated by thallium) will:  

  • do the gamma-shooting during our pedestrian investigation
  • test the radioactive change in the landscape and during the tests of the suspicions territories
  • help us to find places to collect specimens of plants and ground for spectrum analysis
  • notify us about danger, particularly  that from ionizing radiation from the particles with low energies.


Gas discharge keyring dosimeter of radiation Atom Mini2 (sensor SBM-10) will

  • work autonomously and non-stop
  • record to the internal memory the tracking of the doze power throughout the entire route
  • notify about the danger, particularly that of beta radiation and the ionizing radiation of the particles with high energies.


Gas discharge dosimeter of radiation Atom Simple (sensor SBM-20) will:

  • help to control radioactive situation on land selectively
  • control beta radiation in tests of mushrooms and berries – will help us choose parts where we will take specimens of plants and ground for the further spectrum analysis
  • notify us about the danger, particularly from beta radiation and ionizing radiation of the particles with high energies.


Design Bureau Radar, Troitsk, develops radio-electronic equipment.

Dosimeters Atom – pocket complexes based on gas discharge and scintillation with photomultiplier tube.

Gamma spectrum meters Atom Spectra – compact analyzers of the materials and products for the existence of radioactive isotopes – based on scintillation detectors.

The data from dosimeters and spectrum meters is sent to tablets, smart phones and computers in a intuitive friendly interface. All data tracks, that are archived, including the pinpoints of the radioactive activity on the maps of landscapes, may be saved into files. Contemporary, comfortable and understandable.

The figures that may surprise the professionals:

Autonomous work of the dosimeters – from one month to three years. Turn it on and forget about it.

Time of the tests with dosimeter with 95% reliability – from three minutes to five seconds (statistic inaccuracy from 15% to 5% or less).

Time for the express analysis with the dosimeter, including the produce, from one minute to a few seconds.

The resolution (accuracy) of the spectrum meters is from 7 to 9%,depending on the crystal.

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