The team for the expedition consists of eight likeminded people, who love North, who have extensive experience in challenging trips: on foot, by bike, skiing and mountain hiking, water, car and cross country adventures. Each and every one of them is an expert in his area. This is a very strong team that is joined by a desire to cross this very difficult all terrain route from Arkhangelsk to Peropavlovsk-Kamchatsky first.


Alexey GaragashianThe main leader of the group, active member of the Russian Geographical Society, champion of Russia in sport tourism, the holder of the Russian cup in trophy raids, chief designer of ATVs SHERP.


Olga KhromovaVidooperator, active member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the International Scientist Club.

Pavel EmelinNavigator, master of sports in alpinism and tourism, champion of Russia in trophy raids.
Vladimir NikolaevКCartographer, chief specialist of the Science institute of Arctic and Antarctic, spent a winter on a drifting station – The North Pole 40.

Dmitriy PavlovPhotographer, master of sports in tourism, traveler, north researcher.

Timofei CherkasovThe organizer and a participant of Baikal-trophy 2010, the prize winner in Expedition-trophy 2006. A holder of the Russian Cup in open Niva class 2005, multiple winner of Ladoga-trophy.