The main route of “To the East” expedition: Arkhangels – Mezen – Naryan-mar – Vorkuta – Salekhard – Noviy Urengoy – Dudinka – Norilsk –  Putorana Plateau – Yessey – Olenyok – Zhigansk – Batagay – Khonou – Zyryanka-Charsky-Bilibino-Anadyr


Arkhangelsk has been chosen as a starting point not randomly: here the roads end, tundra begins and it stretches along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The width of deep rivers that have no bridges across them can be counted in kilometers, the swamps are stretched to hundreds of kilometers, and the winter roads seized to exist, leaving the knowledge of their previous positions only in a manner of dotted lines on a map. The distance between petrol stations can reach up to a thousand kilometers. The mountain chains stand in the way.

Some stretches of the route have never been passed by any type of on-land vehicles. The distance of the Russian territories and the originality of the landscape have always called for the specific transport solutions: the medical assistance, the search works, the firefighting, the geological and research activities, they all depend on the ability to move about all terrain. That is exactly the reason why we decided to go in a place where no roads exist.

Special events, dedicated to midway results of the expedition, will take place in Salekhard, Norilsk, Zhegansk, Zyryanka.

Throughout the expedition it is planned to set a few records:

– The biggest length in non-circular on-land route within one country without using the public roads.

– The longest on-land route behind the Arctic Circle.

The estimated time of the expedition is from April through to November 2017.