Setting new world records is not the only goal for our expedition. We are also excited about visiting the most beautiful and remote places of our country, meeting the locals. It will be a real test for the machines, equipment and human abilities in extreme conditions.

During the expedition we will make a movie called “The Great Russia” about the nature, life, traditions of the local inhabitants and about challenges and adventures of our expedition. The movie will be made in reality show format and will be broadcasted on one of the biggest thematic channels.

The progress of the expedition can be tracked in real time in the Internet with use of GPS-trackers.

Our informational partners – the biggest Russian and international media, amongst them magazines: “Top Gear”, “Behind the wheel”, “4×4”, “Off-road DRIVE”, “All wheel drive”, “The wheels”, “Moto”, “Moto review”, “Super Bike”, “Youth machines”, “Popular mechanics”, “On the edge” and other. TV channels: First, ORT, My Planet, Petersburg, Pieper, OTR, NTV, BBC, Discovery (London) and other. On top of that the event is being covered by the highest rated internet resources. Olga Khromovas video “on thin ice” has den watched by 20 million people on YouTube.