The project “To the East” be amen possible thanks to ATVs Sherp – fully Russian creation. It aroused high interest in Russia and the world. Sherp_photo

The originality of the creation is in a combination of high performance in roadless terrain passability and the ecological properties of the machine. The ATV keeps the vegetative ground cover of tundra unharmed, doesn’t leave any trails on swamps and doesn’t destroy eco-system of the Polar region due to extremely low pressure on soil.

The ATV has the highest rates of the passability, it is safe, robust, efficient and environmentally friendly. It is able to surmount extensive water obstacles, has good speed and controllability on water surface. The participants of the expedition are going to cross hundreds of big and small rivers.

“SHERP” is a 100% Russian creation. The entire cycle of the project and manufacturing of its separate parts and the machine as a whole is conducted in Russia.

sherpsOverall the trip will be conducted on four vehicles: two serial models and two experimental. They will be tested in real extreme conditions of northern roadless terrain. The crew of each vehicle will consist of two members. The crews have been put together taking into consideration the best psychological compatibility; same applies for the entire group.

Each ATV has sleeping places for the crew and a big trunk for the equipment and food. Fuel supply will be enough to cover over a thousand kilometers on all terrain without a refill.

Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics of all-terrain vehicle “Sherp”