10000 kms off-road terrain from Arkhangels to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

The idea to cross Russia from west to east is not entirely new. There were lots of successful and less so attempts to complete similar routes on different machines. However, no one could do it during the warm season, even more so – in the roadless places.

Arkhangelsk has been chosen as a starting point not randomly: here the roads end, tundra begins and it stretches along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The width of deep rivers that have no bridges across them can be counted in kilometers, the swamps are stretched to hundreds of kilometers, and the winter roads seized to exist, leaving the knowledge of their previous positions only in a manner of dotted lines on a map. The distance between petrol stations can reach up to a thousand kilometers. The mountain chains stand in the way.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy is the furthest city from Arkhangelsk from where it is possible to send the equipment back. Sceptics and locals, who we asked for some details of the route, say it is impossible. And they could have been right, if it wasn’t for the abilities of the new St-Petersburg made ATVs Sherp and our incredible team.

People who sat their entire lives on the sofas in front of the TVs can never understand what motivates the travelers, polar researches, and just romantics, who are setting off for a long trip. Those who tried this at least once in their lifetime, and felt the feeling, they know that it is a call of nature, same one that makes the migratory birds come back when spring begins. Travelling – is our way of life.

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