“To the East” expedition – Essey

The expedition crossed Plutorana Plateau and after a short break continued its way to Essey settlement. About it and the meeting in the village read in the report prepared by Vladimir Shilnikov and our wonderful photographers. Finally we started moving. We turned into the woods from the hospitable pebble beach and started moving towards Essey

“To the East!” expedition – 8-9 July

The expedition “To the East” is continuing its way learning all the wisdoms of the wild way of living. Vladimir Shilnikov keeps making us happy with his reports, describing almost every day of the way and keeping the track of our trip.   All day yesterday we spent moving. We passed over fifty kilometers. There

Expedition “To the East!” – the descent from Plutorana Plateau

A lot of time has passed since our expedition got to the Plutorana Plateau. Day by day the team is moving on hills and mountains, overcoming rivers and feeling all the challenges of the traveler’s life. Vladimir Shilnikov has prepared another report for us.   The descent form Plutorans has started at the head of