Expedition “To the East!” May 7-9

We have arrived to Vorkuta in the evening of May 6. The team went to get some rest. They have spent a few days in civilization and went back on the road. The expedition track took them by the Vorgashorskaya and Komsomolskaya mines. City of the hard working people, city of the miners – Vorkuta

“To the East!” expedition 4 -6 May

Despite the monotonous landscapes, the caravan has been successfully moving ahead towards Vorkuta. 4th of May the weather severely worsened, nearly zero visibility is making it really difficult for the ATVs navigation. The team is following the navigator instructions on its way “To the East!”.   The morning has started from a snowstorm. It has

“To the East!” expedition 2-3 May

2nd of May. Today hasn’t been packed with adventures. The team has been going along the winter roads. At first I assumed it was an all-year road, but I was mistaken – it’s a winter road. In the melted track we can see cowberry bushes, moss and grass, – Vladimir Shinikov tells us. There are