A big cross country expedition from Arkhangelsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will take place in spring 2017. A team consisting of 8 people will cover a 10000 km roadless route on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) SHERP in the conditions of Polar summer.

Learning First Aid

On the 12 of March  the participants of the expedition and Sherp team members took First Aid course with help from alpinism school ” Alpindustria” and the project “We can help you first”. The presenter for the course – Igor Pekhterev – explained how to behave if any unanticipated situations arise during the expedition in

Let’s have the expedition with maximum benefits!

Industrial and military nuclear explosions took place in many part of our planet. Till now it has been considered that the most dangerous and heavy radioactive isotopes cannot be moved in the explosion cloud to a big distance because of their weight. In our expedition we decided to check that. On our route we ll

8th of March came unexpectedly quick. Despite all twists and turns of preparation for our expedition, we remember about our wonderful halves that will be by our side the entire way in the forthcoming difficult adventure. Today we are beginning a series of short stories about the people who we will be working with side