A big cross country expedition from Arkhangelsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will take place in spring 2017. A team consisting of 8 people will cover a 10000 km roadless route on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) SHERP in the conditions of Polar summer.

Iridium. Our connection with the main land

Today we will tell you about a very important for our expedition topic. In the current conditions we must have a stable connection with the outside world. We decided to raise this important and serious question. In this article we will tell you about satellite mobile connection.

Garmin GPSmap 276CX is our essential assistant in navigation

Navigator Garmin GPSmap 276CX. It is pleasant and useful addition to navigational devices in our ATVs. Its components and the execution of this device shows that it has been made for active travelers, such as automobile drivers, water tourists, off road sportsmen. Also this navigator you would want to see on a quadbike or motorbike