A big cross country expedition from Arkhangelsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will take place in spring 2017. A team consisting of 8 people will cover a 10000 km roadless route on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) SHERP in the conditions of Polar summer.

“To the East” expedition – Olenyok

A lot of time has passed since our last report. So let me tell you the events of the recent days. Olenyok has left only the most positive emotions. In this text Vladimir Shilnikov will notify us about the first days of the adventures and the acquaintance with the locals.

“To the East” expedition – Permafrost

In the last couple of day the expedition was surely moving “To the East!”. The mountains have been changed by the borderless swamps, locked in permafrost. Vladimir Shilnikov has written another brilliant report about the travelers’ adventures and the surrounding nature. We rise early now. We wake up at seven, then have breakfast, and take

“To the East” expedition – Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are attacking in all directions, and finally hot July summer is letting us know about its presence. The expedition is moving to the East passing kilometers and kilometers of old winter roads and swamps with the pneumatic wheels of our ATVs Sherp. Early in the morning we have piled up another report for you