“To the East” expedition – Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are attacking in all directions, and finally hot July summer is letting us know about its presence. The expedition is moving to the East passing kilometers and kilometers of old winter roads and swamps with the pneumatic wheels of our ATVs Sherp. Early in the morning we have piled up another report for you

“To the East!” expedition – 6 – 9 June

  “To the East!” expedition is continuing. The team is heading towards Plutorana Plateau, overcoming different obstacles along the way. Today we will tell you about the team’s adventures in the last few days.   The snow is quickly melting in tundra, – telling us Vladimir Shilnikov. – At the moment it is no longer

“To the East!” expedition – 5 – 6 of June

The expedition is leaving Norilsk. A long rest is over and it’s time to get back on the road. This time the main goal is to reach Plutorana Plateau. However, we will tell you everything in the correct order. Vladimir Shilnikov has prepared a long report about the details of the past few days. We

“To the East!” expedition – Norilsk

A few days in Norilsk were very busy, because right before that the team had passed the three thousand kilometers mark. It is quite a big milestone, so it is time to service the machines. It is planned to change the chains, oil in the engines and filters. We will also need to check other