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To the East” expedition – The heating of the ATVs

After the team got used to Zhigansk, they made a short break to service the machines and stock up. While waiting for the packages Vladimir Shilnikov decided to tell us a little about Webasto heaters and how they work.

  • Today has been an unexpectedly cold day. Yesterday we walked in Zhigansk in T-shirts and compared whose room was colder. While today we want to warm up. It was raining all night and in the morning looking at the grey sky I didn’t have any desire to go outside. I thought of all the warm clothes that were in my bag – a winter jacket, which was still usable after the spring use, trousers with sintepon filling, fleece jacket and warm underwear. There is also a pair of warm boots which are good to use still too. So the cold weather isn’t that terrifying. I am ready to meet autumn and the following winter too as I’ve still got the seasonal clothes. I especially feel good about the sleeping bag that I got in “Equipment” with a huge discount – it is warm, soft with a thick layer of modern insulator. The sleeping bag is called “Winter Comfort”. It is especially pleasant to be in it when the night is freezing and outside the trees make cracking sounds. In this particular moment I want warmth coming from the heater. Of course the wooden stove in a small Sherp is luxury, not even to be dreamt about. But what we can do is turn on a product called Air Top 2000 ST form our partner Webasto. We turn on the regulator, set in our ATV living space and somewhere deep inside the autonomous heater wakes up. The heated air starts getting into the vehicle and it becomes really warm and cozy.

Air Top 2000 ST
  • So what is this Air Top 2000 ST? It is an air heater made to heat autonomously a salon or a cabin of a vehicle, inner rooms of ships and other rooms. Two kilowatts are enough to warm up not very big inner space of an ATV in a number of minutes. As soon as the temperature goes up to the necessary level, the heater goes into the mode of maintenance. Which means it will turn on and off, keeping low petrol intake. The heater is powered from the onboard network with power of twelve volt. Sherps accumulator power is enough to keep it running all night. Diesel comes from a tank with a special portative pump. The intake is minimal, not more than two hundred forty grams of fuel per hour on maximum use. All these positive features we were able to check during the first part of our trip, when it was really freezing and snowy. Now we also hope that this wonder heater from Webasto will keep us warm and cozy inside our vehicles.


The organizers and participants of the expedition thank their partners and sponsors:

The company Ravenol, the main technical partner

Iridium Russia, thanks to them the team will always be connected. The equipment for the data transfer was made available by the companies “Satellite mobile technologies” and “Iridium 360”

Product sponsor for the expedition – the company X5 Retail Group, managing brands “Pyaterochka”, ‘Perekrestok” and “Karusel” for the support of the idea of moving to the east

Technical partner Paptor U-Pol

Garmin Russia – for the navigation and action cameras Garmin Virb

Webasto – technical partner and sponsor of the expedition

Company “Dinakor – strength technologies” and brand Kubota

Company DJI alongside the – the provider of quadcopters for the video shooting from the air

4×4 Club and brand Warn

Zinc – navigation programs for all terrain and expeditions. It helps us stay the course!

“Medical technologies of survival” for the organization of the medical part of the expedition and the expedition’s medical kits

KB “Radar”, transport company “Promit” for the help in transportation of the cargo to the East

Transport company “Promit” for help with package deliveries

Informational partners of the expedition:

National Geographic Russia, Popular mechanic, Men’s Health,,,

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