8th of March came unexpectedly quick. Despite all twists and turns of preparation for our expedition, we remember about our wonderful halves that will be by our side the entire way in the forthcoming difficult adventure. Today we are beginning a series of short stories about the people who we will be working with side by side and with whom we will live in the extremely difficult conditions more than half a year.


Olga Khromova


Olga was born in Leningrad in 1964. She has started travelling from her school years, taking part in expeditions to the North. At 17 years of age she started practicing alpinism. She was up on the tops of Caucasian and Tien-Shan mountains.  On the islands of the Barents sea she was doing scientific research on the territory of the “Semiostrovie” national park. At 23 she became a head of children tourist club. From 1989 she has been travelling together with her husband, Alexey Garagashyn, on motocycles, four by fours and all-terrain vehicles. From 2007 she has been practicing video shooting. First video clip of Olga “on the thin ice” has been seen more than 2 million times on Youtube. Later, the shooting became a part of Disovery Channel programme in USA.


Currenly Olga is a videographer, an active member of Russian Geographic Society and a member of the International Scientists’ Club.


Annual expeditions for a month or more: Colskiy Peninsula, the islands in the White and the Barents seas, Karelia, Crimea, Caucas, Tien-Shan has become for Olga traditional activities. She can’t see her life without travelling.

In “To the East” expedition Olga takes part as a videographer and a head of food topic.

  • “To the East” expedition – is the long lived dream of my husband Alexey Garagashyn. I have been sharing it from the very beginning.

To the question: What do you expect from the expedition? Olga quickly responded:

  • To see beauty and grandiosity of the Nature. To do video coverage of the unique and hard to reach places in Russia, to show people’s lives in the conditions of the far North, its animals and plants. Also to show how Sherp team solves the set goal – go 10 thousand km in the roadless terrain.

Alexandra Teplyakova


Alexandra was born in 1981. She was studying, then working, traveling with parents and then alone. She loves motorcycles. In 2005 Alexandra was awarded a highly desired title “Pedal for the braveness” by “Moto” magazine.

Alexandra has never taken part in large expeditions. However, extensive experience in ATV trips with Alexey Garagashyan motivated her to take part in this project. Alexandra went travelling on her motorcycle alone or as a part of a group to the far East, Middle East, Mongolia, Iceland and other countries.

In “to the East” expedition Alexandra will be taking a role of a photographer. She dreams about touching the untouched.

The male half of the expedition congratulates ladies and wishes all the best! Thank you for being with us!

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